Where Can I Read the Quran Online for Free

There are numerous platforms where you can read the Quran online for free. Some offer translations in many languages and recitations by different narrators. Mobile apps like iQuran and Al-Quran also offer free access.

These resources not only allow reading but also understanding the teachings of the Quran. However, the availability of these resources may differ based on your location and the device you are using.

Where can I read the Quran online for free?

You can read the Quran online for free at several websites including:

  1. Quran.com: A very popular website that allows you to read the Quran in Arabic along with multiple translations in different languages.
  2. Islamicity.org: This site also provides the Quran in various translations.
  3. Clear Quran: Offers a translated version of the Quran in modern English.
  4. Al-Quran.info: This site provides the Quran in multiple languages with comparative translations.
  5. NobleQuran.com: Here, you can find an English translation of the Quran.
  6. Quranful.com: This site offers the Quran with audio recitation and translation.

Always ensure to respect the holy text while reading.

Is reading Quran on mobile allowed?

Yes, reading the Quran on a mobile device is generally allowed in Islam. However, the same respect and cleanliness that apply to physical copies of the Quran should also be maintained when using a digital version.

This includes performing ablution (wudu) before touching or reading the Quran, even on a mobile device.

Do I need wudu to read Quran?

Yes, it is highly recommended to perform wudu (ablution) before touching or reading the Quran to show respect and reverence. However, one can still recite the Quran from memory without wudu.

The main requirement for wudu applies to handling the Mushaf (the physical copy of the Quran) or when performing Salah (prayers).

Where can I learn Quran online?

Here are some online platform to learn Quran online:

  1. Jom Al Quran: This online service teach students from Malaysia and Singapore.
  2. Quran Academy: This online platform offers a variety of courses, including Quran memorization and Arabic learning.
  3. Islamic Online University: This global platform offers degrees and individual courses about Islam, including Quran studies.
  4. Al-Azhar Quran Teaching: This website offers classes for both children and adults to learn Quran and Arabic.
  5. Quran Explorer: This is an interactive online platform that provides Quran reading, memorization, and translation courses.
  6. Bayyinah TV: This online TV channel offers a variety of Quran courses, including tafsir (interpretation) courses.
  7. Al Quran Tutors: Offering one-on-one tutoring sessions for Quran learning and memorization.
  8. Understand Quran Academy: This platform offers courses aimed at understanding the Quran in Arabic.
  9. Learning Quran Online: This website offers a variety of Quran courses, including Tajweed and Tafsir courses.
  10. Learn Quran: This online platform offers one-on-one Quran lessons for children and adults.
  11. Equran School: An online Quran teaching institution offering Quran reading and memorization courses.
  12. House of Quran: An online free tool to help with Quran reading and memorization.
  13. Quran Ayat: This is an online platform that offers Quran reading, memorization, and translation apps.
    Remember to ensure the credibility of the site before starting any course.

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